The Timuel Black Scholarship & Fellowship (TBSF) Program is a new City Colleges of Chicago initiative inspired by CCC Professor Timuel Black’s remarkable career, his lifelong commitment to equity and justice in Chicago, and his belief in the power of community history and activism. The program’s goal is to support CCC students who are emerging community leaders in their efforts to hone their community change skills and their knowledge of Chicago social movements and local history while also providing financial assistance for students’ completion of their studies at CCC.

*Candidates must have applied to City Colleges of Chicago, and hold a student identification number to login to apply.

About the Timuel D. Black Jr. Scholarship & Fellowship Program
Monthly Fellowship workshops that include discussions * with community leaders, exploration of critical issues facing Chicago, and activities, videos and readings that support the development of Fellows’ leadership skills and knowledge of Chicago history and social change movements.

  • Special learning and networking trips to leading community organizations across Chicago
  • Civil Rights study trip to Alabama to visit Civil Rights historic sites and to study Civil Rights Movement history (trip will be between Fall and Spring semesters)
  • Mentoring and coaching from community leaders and CCC Leadership Team and the TBSF Program Director
  • Financial assistance to cover two semesters of tuition (scholarship will be applied after financial aid award is determined), and a $1,000 stipend to help with living expenses while in the program. In addition, the program will assist with covering textbooks and CTA Ventra cards during the Fellowship year.

*Who can apply? *
The 20 TBSF Fellows will be an intergenerational cohort and applicants for the Fellows program will be recommended for the program by peers, community leaders, and nonprofit organizations and institutions. “Community leadership” includes experiences in activism campaigns, arts programming, educational initiatives, elections, and social entrepreneurship. TBSF Fellows will be selected based on their application and accompanying recommendation, and finalists will be interviewed by members of the TBSF selection committee members. The criteria for selection will focus on each applicant’s leadership skills and vision for improving their community, and the positive impact the TBSF program will have on the students and their community.

Criteria for consideration includes completion of 9 credit hours at a City Colleges of Chicago, minimum of a 2.0 GPA, answers to all the required questions, and a minimum of one letter of recommendation.

Supplemental Questions
  1. ANSWER REQUIRED: What do you like about the community you live in and how do you want to support your community with your leadership skills?
  2. ANSWER REQUIRED: What would friends and/or family members say are your greatest leadership strengths and skills?
  3. ANSWER REQUIRED: What are your goals after you complete your course work at City Colleges of Chicago?
  4. ANSWER REQUIRED: Recommendation Letter(s) - Please submit a minimum of one letter of recommendation for the TBSF Program from a peer, a family member, a teacher, a co-worker, or a community member. The recommendation should focus on why you are an emerging community leader in Chicago.
  5. ANSWER REQUIRED: If you are selected to participate in the Timuel D Black Jr. Scholarship & Fellowship program are you able to commit to enrolling at City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) for fall 2024 semester and being an active participant until the end of the program?
  6. ANSWER REQUIRED - NOTE: I understand that all personal information collected by this application is done so exclusively with my consent. City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) and City Colleges of Chicago Foundation (CCCF) will not under any circumstance share my personal information with other individuals outside of CCC and CCCF without my permission including public organizations, corporations, or individuals, except when allowed by applicable law. CCC and CCCF does not sell student information. By submitting this application, I certify that all information submitted in this application is true to the best of my knowledge and if I am selected to receive a scholarship, I will adhere to the conditions of the scholarship and understand that by not doing so, the scholarship may be revoked. Additionally, I understand that my CCC student account records may be reviewed in addition to this application; if any information in my application is found to be materially false and CCC/CCCF determines that I had knowledge of such falsity, that I may become ineligible for the scholarship; and by submitting this application, I am not guaranteed an award of scholarship funding.
  7. ANSWER REQUIRED - EXTERNAL REVIEWERS AND FERPA RELEASE: I understand that the review committee will include individuals that are not affiliated with the City Colleges of Chicago. I would like to ensure they have the information needed to fully evaluate my application. I consent to their review of the answers to my application, and consent to the release of my Academic Information (grades/GPA, registration, student ID number, academic progress, enrollment status). This release is viable for six months from date of consent.
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